2019 Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Mel Bartels

“Fast Scopes and Faint Nebulae: discovering galactic cirrus”

Mel Bartels manages a software development team during daylight hours. During evenings Mel is an avid observer and telescope maker. He has sketched dozens of Integrated Flux Nebulae and hundreds of dark nebulae with his homebuilt fast reflectors. Interests in deep sky observing and cold camera astrophotography turned to large thin mirror grinding when he met John Dobson in 1980, being given a night on John’s 24″ at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. For the past decade Mel’s worked on grinding and figuring thin meniscus mirrors. Previously he developed an open-sourced telescope control system that became popular worldwide. A speaker at astronomical conferences, his telescope walkabouts are a highlight at the Oregon Star Party.

An outline of Mel’s talk is available at https://www.bbastrodesigns.com/presentations/Fast%20Scopes%20and%20Faint%20Nebulae/presentation.html