Star Party Rules

We’re all here to have fun. However, with a group of several hundred people camped together in close proximity we have to establish some rules and guidelines.

In previous years things have gone very smoothly, but several problems have arisen that require special mention:

  1. NO PETS ALLOWED This restriction is a PA State Park regulation. In the past attendees have attempted to bring pets in secretly and even in plain sight. Anyone arriving with dogs or pets of any kind will be asked to leave by Park Rangers.
  2. NO GREEN LASER POINTERS (GLPs). GLPs pose a serious danger to eyesight, as well as astrophotography. Please refrain from using these devices while at the Star Party. Anyone caught using a GLP will be asked to leave.
  3. NO CAR HEADLIGHTS AFTER DARK. The gate to the Overnight Astronomy Observation Field (OAOF) will be closed at dusk. If you are not staying the night on the astronomy field, DO NOT PARK inside the OAOF gate! No vehicle entry or exit will be allowed until sunrise, unless there is an emergency. If you must start your car and leave with headlights on due to an emergency, please attempt to contact the star party staff before hand. If this is not possible, please LOUDLY announce your emergency to others in the area so they can help to clear a path for a safe exit. Do not drive without headlights – this is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury and another emergency! Anyone not camping the entire night on the observing field should not be parked there. You must park your car across the street.
  4. Bag your garbage We will provide you with a plastic garbage bag for your garbage. Trash can removal will no longer be an option, so you will have to take care of your own garbage.

Star Party Etiquette

If you are new to star parties and are attending your first event please take some time to learn a little about star party etiquette by visiting the Web sites below. These are guidelines; all that we ask is that you make an honest effort to comply so that everyone may get the most enjoyment from this event.

Star Party Etiquette:’s Star-Party Survival Guide:
Guide PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do you only accept pre-registrations?   By only accepting pre-registrations, it helps us to limit the number of people attending the event and we are better able to make sure the right amount of chairs, food, potties, etc. are ordered for the event.
  2. Why are you limiting the number of people allowed to attend?  The success of the BFSP was starting to undo the event. The park can only comfortably hold so many people. We are doing our best to guess what that number is.
  3. Do cell phones work at CSSP? Yes, a new tower installed in 2004 allows for limit coverage on the field — Verizon seems to be better than other providers.
  4. Who should someone call if there is an emergency and I need to be contacted while attending the star party?  The park office at 814-435-5010 (during business hours), for emergencies, call 911.
  5. How much do extra door prize tickets cost? $2/each or $20/dozen
  6. I’m a vendor, will tables be provided? No, you have to provide your own table, however, a tent will be set up and availability is first come, first served.
  7. I can’t attend the star party this year because of ___________, can I get a refund? Due to a number of constraints, we can not offer refunds. The star party is a rain or shine event, so it will not be rescheduled.
  8. The weather looks bad for the star party, can I get a refund? See the answer to question number 7.
  9. I didn’t register in time because of _____________, can you make an exception for me and allow me to register late? Sorry, to be fair to all, we have to strictly enforce the registration limits.
  10. How will the door prize drawing work? Each prize that is offered will have a can in which you can place a ticket. Every registered adult receives 1 ticket. Additional tickets may be purchased during the door prize display time. The door prizes will be displayed on Friday & Saturday. Prize raffle drawing takes place Saturday after the Keynote speaker (~5pm) at the pavilion. You must be present and have the matching ticket to win a prize.