The 2021 Black Forest Star Party has concluded.

THANK YOU to all who attended our latest BFSP ever (being held completely in October).

The skies and weather were great BOTH nights, especially Friday night. Friday night was also quite chilly.

Some clouds rolled in Saturday afternoon, but cleared up after sunset. Saturday night was a few degrees warmer which cut down on the dew.

We even received a report of a green aurora lasting for a few minutes early Sunday morning.

We will post the date for BFSP 2022 here as soon as we know.

Thank you again from the members of the Central PA Observes astronomy club, organizers of the Black Forest Star Party.


If you have a question about the star party, be sure to check our Rules and FAQ page before sending an email to the organizers. Thank you.

Clear Sky Clock for Cherry Springs

How clear are the skies at the home of the BFSP? Check out the for an up-to-the-minute forecast! Courtesy of Attilla Danko and the Canadian Meteorological Centre.

Updated 31 Oct 2021